Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 14

MSFS Sim Update 14 is upon us, and, with it, we shall be going through the usual update process where we download quite a hefty amount of data (10.45GB on my end), see the community meltdown with update issues or complaints about things that were not updated but the vast majority of us will probably just cruise along, feeling lucky for not having those said issues.

And also feel fortunate to have access to such an incredible feat of engineering (remember FS1?).

The changelog is quite big and it covers a lot of different areas but, of course, what we want to look at is helicopters and Microsoft is providing just that.

There is a section completely dedicated to improvements on the Bell 407 and I am excited to see the throttle/governed RPM item in there, but I am not sure if it means what we hope it means (I am still updating). Is the throttle in turbine helicopters finally fixed?

Let’s see. Here’s everything that changed in the Bell 407:

  • Rotor weight changes.
  • Rotor brake force adjustments.
  • Rotor blade dynamics adjustments.
  • Throttle/governed RPM during startup and shutdown.
  • Engine performance changes.
  • Fuel management on the weight and balance settings.
  • Performance data on the aircraft selection screen.
  • Localization text changes.
  • FADEC tooltip.
  • Fuel Pressure gauge illumination.
  • Cold and dark state changes.
  • Checklist correction.
  • Fixed checklist AutoStart. AutoStart sequence now works.

Now there is also another point in the changelog (that comes before the Bell 407 section) that puzzled me:

  • Anti-stall protection is now disabled for helicopters.

I wonder if that was an actual issue, although I suspect it was not.

Anyway, although small, improvements were added and I am curious to see if anything changed, for the better, regarding the throttle.

Time to update, folks!