MP Design Studio Bell 206 for P3D

The new feature, called Dynamic Flight Model, consists of custom libraries which are now partially available from public use.

According to MP Design Studio, the code is constantly calculating aerodynamic forces on each rotor blade on both the main and tail rotor discs.

MP Design Studio Bell 206 for P3D MP Design Studio Bell 206 for P3D

The team says that this allows for better specific aerodynamic effects being interpreted and simulated, such as translating tendency, for example.

“Airflow simulation trough entire main rotor disc is now simulated as an aerodynamic surface. After passing the speed of transitional lift and depending on angle of airflow through the rotor disc we have influence on rotor speed.

For instance, an abrupt and high attitude pitch will cause rotor rpm to jump etc... Normal and vertical autorotation is now supported and also rotor rpm is influenced by the angle and volume of the airflow through main rotor disc so you may have situation of low/high rotor rpm depending on your collective pitch setup. During the transition phase entire transverse flow effect is simulated for the tail and main rotor so you can experience some yaw motion too. Of course, famous vortex ring state is now supported and with high blade pitch there is a higher rate of descent but unfortunately currently only longitudinal technique of escape is supported (nose down), some updates are coming soon, so "Vuichard recovery" will also be supported.”

This is now present on the second version of their Bell 206 for P3D v5, which is already available. But there’s more: to celebrate this release, MP Design Studio decided to give away 5 copies of this helicopter to members of our community.

If you’re interested in getting this bird for Prepar3D, here’s your chance! Join our Facebook Group, if you haven’t done so yet and follow the instructions in this post. That easy!

Good luck! And thank you to MP Design Studio for the kind gesture!

Please note that this mode is developed for Prepar3D v5 only and if you already have the previous version, you need to uninstall it first. Do not try to attempt to simply upgrade it!

MP Design Studio Bell 206 for P3D MP Design Studio Bell 206 for P3D