MP Design Studio SA315 Lama

The Lama has a special place in the hearts of helicopter fans around the world so this will definitely be one for the P3D simmers out there to get.

Here's the official features list:

Special Features Version 1.0


  • Windshield rain effect
  • Wipers washing out rain from the windshield
  • Cockpit vibrations
  • Instrument panel vibrations
  • Engine ventilation


  • Translating tendency effect
  • Transverse flow effect
  • Lift effect
  • Vortex Ring State
  • Retreating Blade Stall


  • Realistic sound environment
  • Realistic outdoor and indoor sounds
  • Blade flapping sound effect


  • Four models available:

    • Normal
    • Hoist
    • Sling
    • Spray

  • High number of polygons
  • Realistic shape and precise geometry
  • Fully animated
  • Hoist available


  • High-quality textures
  • Realistic paint schemes
  • Includes all labels and marks
  • Include 8 liveries:

    • HB-XII
    • HB-XMC
    • HB-XTM
    • HB-XTO
    • HB-ZGP
    • HB-ZHZ
    • OE-EXU
    • OE-XJG

Virtual cockpit:

  • Fully clickable
  • Precise geometry
  • High-quality textures
  • Vibration effect
  • Gauges glass reflection
  • Fully animated
  • All labels and marks
  • Rain effect


  • Bendix King COM KY96A-97A
  • Bendix King ADF KR87


  • Aérospatiale SA315 Lama Quick Manual
  • Aerospatiale SA 315 Lama Flight Manual
  • Bendix King ADF KR87 Operating Instructions
  • Bendix King COM KY96A-97A Operating Instructions

Where to get the MP Design Studio SA315 Lama for P3D

You can purchase it here.

MP Design Studio SA315 Lama MP Design Studio SA315 Lama MP Design Studio SA315 Lama