MP Design Studio released Bolkow BO 103 for FSX and P3D

The team behind a lot of the latest helicopters for FSX and P3D are back with quite a curious project. But which can be a bit more than we expect it to be.

MP Design Studio Bolkow BO 103 for FSX and P3D

Cabri G2, Alouette III, SA315 Lama, S55, Gazelle. These are the helicopters MP Design Studio have released, with the Mi-8/17 being in the works. And, all of the sudden, the Bolkow BO 103, which is quite an awkward and simplistic design.

The Bölkow Bo 103 was a small experimental helicopter flown in West Germany in 1961 to research new rotor systems. While the mechanics of the aircraft were based on the Bo 102 captive training rig, the Bo 103 was capable of fully independent flight. In configuration, it was absolutely minimalist - consisting of nothing more than a tubular frame to which the dynamic components and the pilots seat were attached, although a small fibreglass cabin was eventually attached. The aircraft retained the Bo 102's single-rotor of Glass-reinforced plastic, and proved that this was suitable for true flight. The prototype is preserved at the Hubschraubermuseum Bückeburg.

MP Design Studio decided to release a model that’s looks like a lot of fun and it should be straightforward to fly. Not exactly what we would expect from a team with such a background. But this could also mean something else.

After mentioning the possibility a few times, could the Bo 103 be the gateway helicopter for MP Design Studio to finally get into X-Plane? Can this be the model the team will learn X-Plane development?

Either way, there’s something I like about this release (bear in mind, I haven’t tried the model yet): MP Design Studio decided to release a simple model and do a simple release. They don’t mention any special physics or gimmicks. They just released the little helicopter and there are no huge expectations. It should just be what it is.

And it sure looks fun! I’m actually curious to give it a try! It should be awesome in VR!

MP Design Studio Bolkow BO 103 for FSX and P3D MP Design Studio Bolkow BO 103 for FSX and P3D MP Design Studio Bolkow BO 103 for FSX and P3D MP Design Studio Bolkow BO 103 for FSX and P3D

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