MP Design Studio continues their work on the ESP platform, and they are still the most active helicopter developer in both FSX and P3D at the moment.

The 206 is now the 9th helicopter in the fleet of the company, which always brings us some nice-looking models.

As usual, the official features list is impressive. Nonetheless, please bear in mind that because of how much work it’s needed to go around the issues that FSX and P3D have with helicopters, your experience may vary.

Official features list (as indicated by the developer)


  • High skid model (12 liveries)
  • Low skid model (4 liveries)
  • 16 liveries in total
  • Quick manual (documents inside main folder of add-on)
  • Original flight manual (documents inside main folder of add-on)



  • Realistic startup/shutdown procedure using real world checklists
  • Flight manual included in documents folder
  • CPanel and checklists (Shift+1)
  • Hydraulic test/fail behave


  • Fully clickable cockpit
  • Rotor swing on windy conditions
  • Vibrating cockpit parts with influence of main rotor RPM and ground contact
  • Vibrating needles due to pitot-static ports airflow disturbs
  • All door opening/closing animated and accessible via CPanel
  • Windows opening/closing animated


  • Torque induced yaw
  • Effective translational lift
  • Transverse flow effect
  • Loss of tail rotor effectiveness (at high airspeed only-incapacity of yaw)
  • Vortex ring state
  • Rotor overpitch
  • Autorotation flight with engine off or engine on idle (vertical autorotation not possible)
  • Main rotor RPM change according helicopter attitude change
  • Torque variation with rough collective lever inputs
  • Turbine temperature variation with rough collective liver inputs


  • Realistic startup/shutdown sound
  • Realistic indoor/outdoor sound
  • Transmission sound during autorotation flight (engine off)
  • ENGINE OUT warning sound
  • LOW ROTOR RPM warning sound
  • Door open/close sound, skid contact sound, fuselage contact sound, gyro sound, wind sound….

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