MP Design Studio R44 for FSX and P3D

After months of work (and some teasing on our Facebook group), MP Design Studio finally released their latest model.

Here's the official features list, as taken from the purchase page (link below):

Livery (10): D-HALY, F-HRAN, G-IAJJ, G-NESH, HB-ZLD, N747WD, OM-DCN, PP-HLI, RA-04145, YU-HTD

Aerodynamic and System: Induced yaw, Transverse flow effect, Translating tendency, Vortex ring rtate, Settling with power, Retreating blade stall, Mast bumping, Clutching process, Cyclic and Collective friction, Hydraulic off/failure, Cockpit vibrations

Sound: BVI-Blade vortex interaction, Mast bumping sound effect, Low rotor RPM, Clutching process sound effect

Model: High polygons, Mast and engine cowls, Rotor coning, Removable passangers, Cyclic switch pilot/copilot, Removable wheels

Equipment: GTX 330, Bendix King ADF, Garmin GNS430, Garmin GI106A

Include: Control panel, Flight manal, Paint Kit