Jorg Neumann replied right away with “it must be helicopters”, which Sebastian Wloch rapidly confirmed. Jorg mentioned they already have some models and then passed the conversation to Sebastian, which started by saying he has been spending more time in helicopters than in planes.

To give you some context, and in case you missed it before, Sebastian Wloch, the CEO of Asobo, is the leading man behind the development of helicopter flight dynamics. In a previous article, we covered the work being done with airflow and how impressive it was (you can see the image below which shows a bit of that work).

Microsoft Flight Simulator - New CFD Workflow: Helicopters

Sebastian continued by saying flying helicopters “completely changes the feel […] of the world” and that “flying around the same places in a helicopter [is] a completely different experience”.

Jorg added that heliports are being developed and that is generally cool to fly helicopters and explore things differently.

Martial Bossard mentioned that the new features being done for helicopters are also helpful to better understand the way you fly.


You can watch the full stream (or at the top of this article) or just the part where my question is covered.