Snagar has been hard at work improving the plugin and has just released a proof of concept for a mission generator, even supplying a “random mission pack” for Medevac in Seattle!

Mission-X - Medevac mission generator

For those that aren’t aware, unlike FSX and P3D, X-Plane does not have a scenario or mission system built in and so that is what Mission-X set out to do. Allow people to create and play missions in X-Plane.

Unfortunately, once you’ve played a mission, that’s it, unless you want to repeat the same thing over again, which is where the Mission Generator comes in.

It does this by using templates that you create listing various start and goal points which it then randomises when you start a mission. Very promising and just a start. The developer goes into greater detail in their blog.

For more information (and download), check out their page at the .org forum.