Miltech-5 negotiating with Razbam to bring the Bo-105 to DCS

Dec 24, 2019 | by Sérgio Costa

Talks between the companies started after Heatblur having to turn down the project.

Miltech-5 Bo-105 for DCS

The announcement was made on Miltech-5’s Facebook page.

Miltech-5 states they have had been talking to Heatblur but, sadly, the company had to eventually decline developing the Bo-105 because of their own schedule and lack of ability to embrace all the work they have on their hands.

Miltech-5 Bo-105 for DCSMiltech-5 Bo-105 for DCS

Razbam took interest in the project and now the two companies (Miltech-5 and Razbam) are negotiating an eventual contract.

Miltech-5 states that the project pretty much only requires the coding part to be developed by Razbam. Texture work is still under progress as well as it will be completely redone.

Read the full post at Miltech-5’s Facebook page.

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