Microsoft Flight Simulator Feedback Snapshot - 2020-11-19

Honestly, I never thought that helicopters would make it before, perhaps mid-to-end of 2021. Not that Microsoft has hinted me any information in particular. It wasn’t happening for sure this year, but I had some hopes that next year would bring rotor-wing to the sim.

In today’s update, though, helicopters not only climbed the list a couple of places (from 10th to 8th) but there’s now a release date (well, the year, at least) in front of it: 2022.

Microsoft and Asobo have not said anything about these dates yet and they are still focused on fixing bugs and continuing their work, which includes VR and making the sim work on the Xbox. They are, of course, tentative dates, not exactly precise ones and we could even be looking at a later date if things don’t go as planned.

A bit disappointing? You bet.