Microsoft Flight Simulator - 40th anniversary - Sim Update 11

It’s here, folks! It is finally here! Microsoft Flight Simulator finally has native helicopter support!

The 40th-anniversary edition is out, which means Sim Update is now live. With that we are getting, among several other things, 9 new aircraft. Two of these are gliders, a new type of aircraft in the sim, and two of them are helicopters!

Yes, we are getting 2 FREE helicopters, the Guimbal Cabri G2, developed by Asobo and the Bell 407, by veteran team Nemeth Designs.

Microsoft Flight Simulator - 40th anniversary - Sim Update 11 - Nemeth Designs Bell 407

We are getting native flight dynamics support, which should allow for developers to develop helicopters for the sim quicker, easier and with better results.

I will be putting MSFS through its paces in the following days (after I return from the US). In case you missed my posts on our Facebook group, I was invited to be part of an in-person event by Microsoft/XBox for the 40th anniversary and the release of Sim Update 11 where I got to try helicopters in the sim.

Meanwhile, you can watch my first thoughts and reaction to helicopters as I tried them in an in-person Microsoft event the day prior to the release here.