After the relese of their HFC (HeliCockpit Frame) and the MRO-Bases, where microHELIS is offering a very high-level of warranty (they are claiming that "even wear parts are exchanged up to 10 years after buying"), the company is further expanding their portfolio.

microHELIS HFC - HeliCockpit FramemicroHELIS HCF - HeliCockpit FramemicroHELIS HCF - HeliCockpit Frame

They are on a very advance stage of development of the controls for the Bell 429 and are completing the first set for a client. microHELIS indicated they still have some improvements to make, though.

You can order the cyclic already, at the microHELIS website. As for the collective, you will need to wait a bit longer.

microHELIS Bell 429 CyclicmicroHELIS Bell 429 Cyclic

Edit: microHelis sent us a few photos of the finished cyclic.

microHelis B429 cyclicmicroHelis B429 cyclicmicroHelis B429 cyclic