MFG Crosswind rudder pedals - graphite

The version being sold is now version 2.3 -- which is the one in the photos. The new version brings you the following (as taken from MFG's website):

  • Foot plates design is slightly changed, some parts slightly increased in size,  many weight reduction pockets removed…all with purpose for more robust parts with less CNC machining time, since we don’t have a shipping limit of 5kg for quite a while now. Weight of the package is now 5,4 kg without extra cost options.
  • MFG SiMM8Rge electronics feature 3rd generation of digital triaxis Hall sensor on rudder axis,  USB type B plug, among other things.
  • zinc plated braking springs, with different type of spring-to-shaft hook joint.
  • more robust and more flexible rubberized brake axis cables, slightly redesigned cable pathways for robust and reliable brake sensors operation.

MFG Crosswind pedals - graphite