MaxFlightStick H135 controls

MaxFlightStick is expanding their offer and allowing customers to select from their regular line or an “all metal”.

For the first selected models (and MaxFlightStick indicated they will extend it to their whole line of products), customers can now select the material and the choices are between “normal” (fiber) and “metal”.

MaxFlightStick H145 controls

There is, of course, a difference in price, with the metal version costing a few hundred dollars more than the regular one. How much, it depends on the model.

MaxFlightStick has put up a couple of articles about this release. One of them showing off some pics of the metal parts (not renders, but actual photos of parts that are being built) and the other one is actually a FAQ where you can learn more about these upgrades.

To commemorate the release – and perhaps also in the spirit of the Holiday season – MaxFlightStick wanted to do something special for our readers and is offering a 15% discount if you use the code ‘MFS15%HELISIMMER’!

Head out to the MaxFlightStick website and check out their products.