MaxFlightStick Bell B206 Full Motion Simulator

The MaxFlightStick Bell B206 Full Motion Simulator, which is slated to be released in about 3 months (August/September 2019) will be offered as a fully-ready hardware solution, with the controls, computer, sound system as well as the 800Kg (roughly 1,750lbs) motion platform.

The visual system is comprised of a 3,0m x 1,75m (9,8ft x 5.75ft), 180 degrees FOV, 3 projectors, Motion Support Frame and Warping Software and the whole “half cylinder” is attached to the motion platform.

Being a professional and complex system, expect the price to be at that level. MaxFlightStick foresees the price to be of US$51,330 (packing and assembly included), plus shipping and local taxes.

It’s not exactly a solution for the home simmer but it can be quite an interesting option for flight schools or sim rental centers.