Max Flight Stick Mi8-2022

Max Flight Stick (MFS) seemed to have taken as their mission to bring control replicas for various helicopters out there, which is fantastic.

Nonetheless, you do need to keep in mind that these may not be exact 1:1 replicas, especially when it comes to the pedal system.

MFS offers the same “inverted L” type of pedals that is part of all their models (including the Apache control set), without toe brakes. I’m just pointing that out so you pay attention in case this is a deal-breaker to you.

Max Flight Stick Mi8-2022

The new control set, which replicates the Mi-8 cyclic, and collective is now available and you can count on:

  • Hall Effect Sensors for all axes
  • 12 bit analog digital converter for all axes
  • Cyclic: 1 x Force trim button, 1 x Weapon release button, 1 x Autopilot disengage button, 1 x ICS push to talk radio switch
  • Twist throttle collective: 1 x Emergency cargo release button, 1 x Search light control HAT, 1 x tactical external stores jettison button, 1 x Clutch release button, 2 x Engine conditional levers
  • 7 configurable axes (X/Y Cyclic axis, Throttle axis, Collective axis, Rudder Axis, 2 x ECLs)
  • Rudder equipped with solid metal rudder pedals, high quality ball joints, ball bearings and our in house pistons x2
  • In house pistons provides hydraulic feel feedback on all axes
  • Realistic Cyclic/ Rudder/ Collective / Throttle/ ECLs travel distance
  • Adjustable aluminum frame
  • Adjustable position for cyclic, rudder, twist throttle collective, and ECLs
  • High resolution movements
  • Easy Setup
  • Mounting Options
  • Compatible with Windows XP to Win11, Mac OS, DCS, MSFS2020, FSX, X-Plane, P3D, FlightGear, WarThunder, and all flying PC game / Flight simulator!
  • Plug and Play with 1 USB connections

You can find the Max Flight Stick Mi8-2022 control here.