Low Level Desert - Snow Desert mission pack for DCS

Snow Desert is a campaign/mission pack being developed by Low Level Heaven (LLH) with the UH-1 as the centerpiece. With this new campaign, the team hopes to bring a bit more of variety and bring back the joy of flying the Huey, since, "[...] looking into the online servers, you may realize that there is only a small minority of DS users flying together with other fellow pilots. So all the others flying the same campaign (for the UH-1 only two in seven years) over and over again or putting the model beside.[...]"

Since ED is taking some time on the evaluation of the World Apart campaign, LLH opted to work on a smaller scale product that could still allow the community to evaluate their work. To help do that, the mission pack will be distributed free of charge.

There's no set number of missions and LLH says it will depend on how the community will receive their work.

The first mission will be available in February exclusively at thefraternitysim.com. Stay tuned as we'll provide more information (and a release date) as we get it.

Snow Desert mission preview video