Survey results are in: the DCS Gazelle will have a dedicated campaign

Low Level Heaven has reached out to the community and they will start work on the new campaign next year.

Polychop Gazelle for DCS

As the team has explored the Gazelle a bit more, the will to build a campaign for this helicopter has been growing for some time. Since a lot of time is necessary to develop such a product, Low Level Heaven decided to survey the community and find out if there was an interest in having a campaign available.

LHL was kind enough to share the results with us in advance (thank you very much for that, folks).

The full report should be out in a few days, so we are not sharing everything right now, the most important data is, basically, whether folks would buy a campaign pack for the Gazelle.

Low Level Heaven - DCS Gazelle campaign survey result

Only 6.6% of the users said they wouldn’t, which was a clear “go” for the team.

As such, Low Level Heaven will start working on the new campaign for DCS, with the Gazelle being the start of the project, in 2021.

Obviously, there are no details about a possible release date at the moment.

Sérgio Costa

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