It has been quite a while since we last heard from Low Level Heaven as Eagle Dynamics is still evaluating their mission pack.

While we wait, the team has been working on small little gems for us and the most recent one is comprised of a couple of missions, similar in their format, but released for the Huey and the Gazelle.

Here's the description:

Hold the superior number within a 3000 feet radius around the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

The rules are simple.

Anytime one side has a majority within the Core, an invisible clock starts in the background counting to ninety seconds.

The numerator stops, and reset when the number of aircraft in the Core is balanced again. If one side has more planes within the Core for more than 110 seconds, they win the round and score a point.

If the other side manages to regain the advantage before the 110 seconds are up, the clock resets and battle continues. Both teams then fight it out until one team has the Core for more than ninety seconds.

The Side which earns the first five scores wins!

You can get the mission for Huey here and for the Gazelle here.

Low Level Heaven - Keep the core mission for DCSLow Level Heaven - Keep the core mission for DCS