Helicopter Simulator

Small projects are rarely small. Whenever someone mentions they are working on such a thing, I tend to tremble with the thought of how deceptive “small” can be.

Such seems to be the case of Helicopter Simulator, by Lines Studio.

If you remember our interview with Maïtis, you probably had the same impression as well: small island, small helicopter, something that seemed it has some complexity to it but “not too serious”.

Well, Maïtis is a bit more serious into the project than you would probably think of at first.

We haven’t heard from him for a few weeks and now we know why: he has been working on a new flight model.

Helicopter Simulator Helicopter Simulator

On the video (which you can find below), Maïtis shows a bit of the behind the scenes of how he’s testing and making sure things are starting too look as they should.

Don’t expect pretty graphics and amazing scenery. What you’ll find is a very simplistic area, some lines, code and data that shows what’s happening to the helicopter and the rotor blades as Maïtis goes through a few features of his new flight model.

What I did notice was that it looks like in this demo IGE (In-Ground Effect) seems to be absent but that’s something I’m sure it will come with time.

Right now, I am impressed that for a project that just seemed like a hobby or pet project is starting to look so serious. I can’t wait to look at some future videos and see what Lines Studio will come up with next.