Flight Sim Association has held a live webinar with Marty Arand and Austin Meyer, of Laminar Research, where we were shown a few videos, including a new one that we hadn’t seen before, showing what Laminar Research calls “Next Generation Forestry Preview”.

On that preview we are shown new, beautiful trees which change according to the different seasons, which is absolutely amazing.

Nonetheless, as FSA managed to pass my question on to Austin, I was very disappointed quickly: trees won’t be collidable (yes, that was me asking, by the way). Unfortunately, it seems like there is no interest in doing so, although helicopter pilots would greatly benefit from it as we would have to be careful while doing operations in confined areas.

Developers seem to continue to understand that when we asked for scenery to be collidable, we are wanting to crash against things when it’s quite the opposite: we don’t really want to crash against it, but we do want some feedback and make those operations a bit more realistic – which developers usually say that’s what they are trying to achieve with their sims.

You can watch the webinar here.