Komodo has been working on the new line of products for some time and they are very close to release. In fact, shipping is expected to start in July or August, this year.

Komodo Simulations Virtual Blade LitePlease note the image above is not final and it may change.

Check out the official press-release:

New from Komodo Simulations Ltd comes 2 lightweight versions of our controls. The Virtual Blade Lite and Virtual Blade Lite+. The Lite+ having more buttons on the Cyclic, Twist Throttle and buttons on the Collective.

The Virtual Blade Lite is expected to be around £800 (US$1000 or €900) with the Virtual Blade Lite+ expected to be around £1000 (US$1250 or €1100). Pre-orders are planned to start in a couple of weeks with the first units planned to start shipping July/August 2019.

As standard both sets are expected to have dampers on the Cyclic and Collective as well as friction bearings to help the feel and smoothness of the controls. The collective will also have a friction adjuster to help you find that sweet spot of resistance and fluid movement. The Pedals can be easily adjusted forwards and backwards along with the Collective, which can also be adjusted left and right. All axes also come with Hall Sensors as standard.