Komodo Simulations announces Virtual Blade products

The platform was designed for both VR and external visuals sims and it comes in two flavors.

Komodo Simulations announced new products being added to their line for helicopter flight simulation training,

The Virtual Blade and the Virtual Blade Pro are compact systems developed to be used on several sims: VBS, X-Plane, DCS, Prepar3D and ARMA.

Although not a turnkey solution(it lacks a computer and the visual system – which you can also get from Komodo, by the way, and they will hook you up with everything you may need), it’s a very complete system, with a seat all the controls and, of course, the moving platform.

Just plug it into a computer, go through the usual calibration/assignment settings and off you go.

The main difference between the two sets is the quality construction of the base. The Virtual Blade Pro is a more rugged system, designed for the professional market.

Virtual Blade

Komodo Virtual Blade Komodo Virtual Blade

  • Compact Size with Small Footprint
  • Replica Interchangeable Controls
  • Standard Multigrip controls
  • Aluminium Frame
  • Adjustable helicopter style seat
  • Resin Grips

Virtual Blade Pro

Komodo Simulations Virtual Blade Pro Komodo Simulations Virtual Blade Pro

  • Compact Size with Small Footprint
  • Replica Helicopter Seat
  • Replica Interchangeable Controls
  • Hydraulic Damping on all Axes
  • 3 DoF & 6 DoF Platforms available
  • Control Force Loading available
  • Stainless Steel Collective Shaft
  • Otto Switch Gear (where available)
  • Light Weight Aluminium Frame
  • Industrial Dampers, Bearings & Sensors

More information

For more information, please visit Komodo’s website.

Sérgio Costa

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