Komodo Simulations AH-64D Apache collective

If you are eagerly waiting for the AH-64 Apache for DCS and on the lookout of a collective for this exciting new helicopter, Komodo has you covered.

The company has pre-orders on their upcoming collective in place already and you can get this new item, which should start getting delivered towards the end of the year. Not only that, you can get it with a nice 10% discount.

According to the company, “the AH-64D Apache Collective is in the final stages of development. So, we are now ready to release it for Pre-Order.”.

Komodo Simulations AH-64D Apache collective Komodo Simulations AH-64D Apache collective

Komodo also adds that “the grip will be as close as possible to the Block II Apache that ED are developing for DCS”.

If you’re up to take it to the next realism and immersion level on the AH-64 as soon as it comes out, visit Komodo’s website and check it out.

Komodo did not indicate when this pre-order discount would end.

Important note: please keep in mind you will also need the Komodo Collective Base Unit MK2. If you don’t own one of these bases yet, you will need to order it as well.