K-51 Friction System for the VIRPIL Rudder Pedals

And that force, believe it or not, may actually help you better control the pedals since it will prevent you from over-controlling it, pushing it too far.

If the name “K-51” rings a bell, he is the author of the “low-cost collective” that Peter Calsen reviewed last year. Looks like the man (K-51) is always trying to find great solutions. This kit seems like another great idea.

K-51 Friction System for the VIRPIL Rudder Pedals

There are a couple of videos demonstrating the concept but, in a nutshell, K-51 is selling a kit with several parts that you can mount on your pedal and adjust the amount of friction you want to have on your pedal.

You can read his explanation on the forum thread where the product is presented, which you should also check out if you want to order one of these, but I will leave K-51’s explanation here as well for your reference (I have put something in bold which I found quite interesting):

The refinement is a damping mechanism with adjustable force. With the loading levers removed, the pedals remain in the position in which you put them, the position change occurs with a force that can be adjusted. This improves control accuracy, there is no need to oppose the loading mechanism, the legs do not get tired, there is no need to use the trimmer and return to the center of the pedal. And most importantly, you always see and feel how your pedals are deflected. The pedals on the Mi-24 work in a similar way. Suitable for all types of helicopters.

Loading levers and aircraft springs can be retained. With this use, you have an effort to turn the pedals already at small angles from the center, the pendulum effect is completely eliminated when the pedals are suddenly released, and parasitic movements when shifting the legs on the pedals are practically excluded.

Like mentioned above, for more information and ordering the kit, please visit this forum thread. For 20 EUR + shipping (at the time this article was published), it seems like a great investment to me.

I am waiting for my unit, and I will be reviewing it once it’s here. I have to say I think this is a genius idea and, if it performs the way I think it may perform, it may very well be an amazing investment.