JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12

This was no easy feat either, since the new version of X-Plane has some amazing features but it also forced developers to work extra hard to get everything to work.

JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12

Nonetheless, JRX delivered, as promised and their Bo-105 is now available, so that’s great news. If you already own the X-Plane 11 you’ll also be happy to know that this update is free of charge! Win!

JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12

And for now, I will let the features list do all the talking (and the screenshots as well), but you can check out our review of the X-Plane 11 version meanwhile.

Official features list

  • High detail, fully animated 3D-model with PBR textures up to 4k resolution.
  • Fully VR compatible, configured by SimVRLabs.
  • Accurate flight model tested, developed, and approved by a current MBB Bo 105 pilot.
  • Complete and accurate start up and shut down functionality.
  • Dynamic weights for optional fuel and part configuration.
  • Bespoke custom made and accurate instrumentation sourced direct from a 105 DBS-4.
  • Optional autopilot unit and a full IFR navigation instrumentation suite.
  • Fully functional circuit breakers and electrical system including AC / DC buses.
  • Working fire warning and extinguishing system.
  • Custom instrument HDR spill lighting.
  • HDR internal and external lighting.
  • Dynamic vibration model with speed increase / decrease, including entering and exiting translational lift.
  • RXP GTN integrated on a custom tablet.
  • AviTab with custom tablet.
  • Highly detailed pilot and co-pilot, with optional dual controls.
  • Optional body decals including HOT3 missiles, working floats, flight steps and cargo hook.
  • Complete FMOD sound package with 113 individual sounds sampled from a real 105.
  • Headset attenuation, with optional ATC radio chatter (US, FR and IE) for better immersion.
  • Particle system for heat blur animations.
  • 26 liveries including civil, service and military variants.
  • Included paint kit for body, seats, ID plates, interior trims and pilots’ uniforms.
  • Flight configuration and options, all done in cockpit either in 2D or VR.
  • Full documentation, including all flight reference cards in cockpit. Real-life reference documentation and video tutorials including the start-up / shutdown procedure:
  • Full lifetime support at the forum, product updates and development as required:
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.
  • … And much more, powered by JRX quality …

You can purchase the JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 at the .org store.

JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12JRX Bo-105 for X-Plane 12