JRX Bell 407 for X-Plane - Panel

Update: we mistakenly mentioned the JRX had developed a Lama when we meant the Gazelle. The link to the helicopter was correct but not the name. The article is now corrected.

The DreamFoil Creations Bell 407 has been a community favorite for quite some time. In fact, it’s been my favorite helicopter in X-Plane since its release.

Nonetheless, due to health issues, Fred, the developer behind the DreamFoil Creations helicopter, has been silent for some time and both new projects and upgrades have stopped.

With X-Plane 12 coming, that has been a concern for those that have been using the helicopters we learned to love and cherish.

JRX, the one-man-team which is actually community member Simon Rowe, decided to do something about it. After the release of the freeware Bell 206 and the payware Gazelle and BO-105, Simon is now working on a Bell 407 for X-Plane.

Not only that, but Simon is also planning on releasing a GX version in the future, which is a much welcome addition and a model a lot of rotorheads have been asking for!

Simon has shared some screenshots of the panel on our Facebook Group (the same ones you can see here). A release date is unknown at this time.

JRX Bell 407 for X-Plane - PanelJRX Bell 407 for X-Plane - Panel