JRX Design Bo-105 for X-Plane

The update, which brings the helicopter to version 1.50, also brings fixes and feature completion:

  • External door handles not working in exterior views (OK in VR). ---FIXED---
  • Move low fuel warning to supply tank. ---COMPLETED---
  • Check supply tank drain times. ---COMPLETED---
  • Add commands for the 4x fuel switches. ---COMPLETED---
  • Conversion to EMS / Air ambulance variant. ---COMPLETED---
  • Increase HYD trim rates. ---COMPLETED---
  • Update Manual. ---COMPLETED---

The Bo-105 is now officially out of beta status too, which means it’s considered stable and, presumably, the number of issues and bugs should be reduced by now.

Here’s the full official features list:

  • High detail, fully animated 3D-model with PBR textures up to 4k resolution.
  • Fully VR compatible, configured by SimVRLabs.
  • Accurate flight model tested, developed and approved by a current MBB Bo 105 pilot.
  • Complete and accurate start up and shut down functionality.
  • Dynamic weights for optional fuel and part configuration.
  • Bespoke custom made and accurate instrumentation sourced direct from a 105 DBS-4.
  • Optional autopilot unit and a full IFR navigation instrumentation suite.
  • Fully functional circuit breakers and electrical system including AC / DC buses.
  • Working fire warning and extinguishing system.
  • Custom instrument HDR spill lighting.
  • HDR internal and external lighting.
  • Dynamic vibration model with speed increase / decrease, including entering and exiting translational lift.
  • RXP GTN integrated on a custom tablet.
  • AviTab with custom tablet.
  • Highly detailed pilot and co-pilot, with optional dual controls.
  • Optional body decals including HOT3 missiles, working floats, flight steps and cargo hook.
  • Complete FMOD sound package with 113 individual sounds sampled from a real 105.
  • Headset attenuation, with optional ATC radio chatter (US, FR and IE) for better immersion.
  • Particle system for heat blur animations.
  • 26 liveries including civil, service and military variants.
  • Included paint kit for body, seats, ID plates, interior trims and pilots’ uniforms.
  • Flight configuration and options, all done in cockpit either in 2D or VR.
  • Full documentation, including all flight reference cards in cockpit. Real-life reference documentation and video tutorials including the start-up / shutdown procedure:
  • Full lifetime support at the forum, product updates and development as required:
  • JRX MBB Bo 105 - X-Plane.Org Forum
  • Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.

JRX Design Bo-105 for X-PlaneJRX Design Bo-105 for X-PlaneJRX Design Bo-105 for X-Plane