Intel announced their Core X-Series monster CPUs

May 30, 2017 | by Sérgio Costa
Intel announced a new, insane line of processors that really goes over the top. The Core X-Series goes up to 18 cores and 36 threads!

You read it right: 36 threads! Intel is releasing their 8th generation of processors as an "Extreme Platform for Gaming and Content Creation" as they call them.

Intel Core i9

The new family goes from 4 cores/4 threads from the i5 all the way up to 18 cores/36 threads for the new family member, the i9. Speeds vary from 3.3 to 4.3GHz.

These new CPUs won't come cheap though, especially the i9. If you're up for one of these new chips, get ready to spend up to US$999 for the Core i9.

These are all great news for gamers and, hopefully, for simmers as well if the sim we use makes proper use of all the different cores and threads. Is it worth the nearly $1.000 the i9 will cost? Perhaps. It will help for sure if you are a streamer, for example. But, in all honesty, it may be too big of an investment right now.

It does open some doors for the sim developers, though, and they just as well may start thinking about bigger, better, smoother, more amazing features!

Note: some readers indicated us that the 18 core/36 threads Core i9, the 7980XE will actually cost $1,999! The $999 i9 is the 7900 10 core/20 threads CPU. We just found that information at Intel, here. You can also see the table below.

Intel Core X-Series family table

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