iniBuilds Hooper Heliport for MSFS

And that means, spawnable helipads, yes! Actually, that was the update that iniBuilds made to the scenery.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Sim Update 11 brought us native helicopter support but also the ability to add helipads and helicopter spawn points to scenery. This wasn’t available before, meaning scenery developers that had released scenery packs with helipads on them, will have to update them to reflect this new feature.

iniBuilds Hooper Heliport for MSFS

And that was exactly what happened to iniBuilds and they have now updated their Hooper Heliport scenery for MSFS, with helicopter spawn points.

You can get the Hooper Heliport scenery for MSFS here. And yes, it is the home of the Blue Thunder. See if you can find it!

iniBuilds Hooper Heliport for MSFSiniBuilds Hooper Heliport for MSFS