Heads up, fellow virtual LAPD helicopter pilots! You have a virtual home in X-Plane. iniBuilds released Hooper Heliport for the sim which you can now use as your base for your patrols across the skies of Los Angeles.

Not only you are getting the heliport building – nicely populated – you are also getting a couple of bridges to fly over AND under as well as the Metro HQ building and more!

Official features list

  • Highly detailed representation of Hooper Heliport, complete with
    • 2 helipads (runway starts)
    • 16 parking places (spawn points)
    • detailed clutter
    • active windsocks/flags etc.
  • Cesar Chavez and San Bernadino Fwy Bridges (fly under and landable)
  • Metro HQ building with a helipad
  • Recreation of the adjacent railyard and train carriages
  • Union Station modeled
  • Obstacles around the Heliport modeled