I’m one of those weird folks that like to use DCS as a non-military sim. Yes, I may have shot a few tanks or trucks in the past, but that’s not what I like to do in the sim.

I like the sim for the great flight dynamics, detailed helicopters systems (some of you may call it “study level”) and the well-crafted scenery. Not to mention the ability to land on top of every good-looking building.

Granted, I can’t fly the world, but it’s not like I’m doing cross-oceanic flights anyway.

I made the video you can access on the link above (the one in the very first paragraph) and Richard, from Games From Hell, reached out to me as he noticed my interest in non-military missions.

Richard was working on a new mission pack. A non-military mission pack.

Games From Hell - I Love My Job mission pack for DCS

I Love My Job consists of several missions that are played in a non-linear fashion. They are provided randomly as you go, through the voice of a mission officer that flies with you in the Huey. Which reminds me: you’ll need the Huey, of course.

And you will also need the Syria map as Richard thought it would fit the theme a bit better.

Games From Hell - I Love My Job mission pack for DCS

The overall story, if you want to call that, is that you are a Sheriff, or working for a Sheriff department, in a small town that actually sees a lot of action. Violent action sometimes, it seems! And it’s up to you to save the day with some medical evacuation, search and rescue and a bunch of other kinds of missions. Some of them really cool and different.

I Love My Job is slated to be released on January 1st, 2023. Stay tuned!