Hype Performance Group H145M for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Build 200 comes in 2 flavors: full installation or partial installation. For the partial installation, you will need to have builds 189 or 199 installed.

Hype Performance Group also made the paint kit for the H145M available, so you can grab it and start working on your new shiny liveries for this version right away.

To get the new version, you need to head out to this link and enter the email you used when you first purchased the helicopter. If you don’t have the Hype Performance Group H145 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can get it here.

Hype Performance Group H145M changelog

  • Launch H145M (H145 Military variant) with new visual effects
  • Variant includes custom body with new details (SATCOM radio antenna etc.)
  • Functional FZ275 LGR rockets (unguided targeting only) (rocket pods optional in tablet). Rockets have a launch effect as well as impact explosion and subsequent fire and damage to the ground.
  • 3 soldiers visible when passenger doors open (configurable on tablet)
  • Front camera/sensor is on automatic sweep while flying
  • Camera display is currently inop (will get something, but no camera support in MSFS right now)
  • Countermeasures dispensers are currently inop
  • Add IFR glare shields
  • Fix IBF (engine filters) not clogging when flying very low over sand/dirt
  • Fix rockets not stopping when impacting the ground
  • Fix door soldiers not showing up when DOORS OFF selected
  • Add an H:Event for reloading rockets
  • Fix parking brake option not persisting
  • Fix H145M settings not persisting
  • Fix H145M altitude hold beep trim not working
  • Add L:Vars for warning unit