Hype Performance Group H145 v2 for MSFS

I am embarrassed to say I completely missed this release. Crazy, right? But yeah, it happened. Real life got in the way, I got flooded with work (no, folks, this is not my full-time job) and, well… It happened, sadly.

But hey, better late than never, right?

All right, enough about me and my tardiness, let’s get to the point. HPG released version 2 of their H145 for Microsoft Flight Simulator with a lot of cool stuff.

Hype Performance Group H145 v2 for MSFS

If you don’t know who Hype Performance Group is, these folks added helicopters to MSFS before it supported them natively. Their freeware H135 made way for the payware H145, which has been updated and improved over time.

They have not only released the base pack of the H145 but also an Action Pack, with more variants and lots of great features.

If you have the H145 already you can update it here. If you don’t have it yet, get it at the official website.

Hype Performance Group H145 v2 main features

  • Native Asobo CFD Flight Model (realistic with the AFCS both OFF and ON)
  • New Native AFCS with realistic trim and parallel actuator simulation
  • New Control settings for everybody
  • Updated aircraft sounds
  • New full screen Mission app
  • Added Aerosoft North Sea Landmarks - HEMS Medevac Missions (requires third party Aerosoft North Sea Landmarks scenery)
  • POI databases (hospitals, helipads, MSFS world update POIs) on NAVD/DMAP page and the mission app map
  • Forward-Looking HTAWS aural and built-in HAT (height above terrain database) at the correct increments and colors
  • FlightControlReplay partner integration - for flight recording and playback - watch for future growth with this integration
  • DMAP/NAVD map background and foreground layer selection
  • Mission System features for higher fidelity missions (briefings, object management)
  • Hype Radio app to listen to internet radio stations nearby to your sim location
  • Hype Live Map with POIs and other live H145 players
  • Many many bugfixes and general improvements