Options are always something nice to have. Especially if you can give your audience something they feel more comfortable with – or something new to explore.

After several updates of their H145, and following the release of Rotorsim Pilot’s R44, which uses AirlandFS, Hype Performance Group’s users and fans started wondering if the team would also take a look at Fred Naar’s software.

On the HPG Discord server, the lead developer, Dave Amenta, finally shed some light onto the subject, indicating that he has “integrated support for Airland to take over the flight dynamics for H145”.

Hype Performance Group supports AirlandFS in the H145 for MSFS

The whole message is quite interesting and it also shows a screenshot of what you should expect to see in the cockpit when AirlandFS is active and working with the HPG H145. Here’s the full message:

Ok guys. Beta 2 is nearly upon us. For those that have missed any of the discussion on flightsim_chat or on helisimmer discord, I have integrated support for Airland to take over the flight dynamics for H145. This is a totally OPTIONAL component that you are welcome to completely ignore for now. If you have been following Airland and the R44 project and are interested in what @FredAirland has been working on, then you will no doubt be wondering what an Airland H145 would feel like and if it'd be possible.

With beta 2, Airland will be recognized by H145 when you start the program and you will get an indication AIRLAND FLIGHT DYNAMICS. When you see this it means that the HPG flight model has been disengaged and Airland will control the flight dynamics and handling of the aircraft. If you close Airland you will need to click the EXTERNAL button above, within the tablet, to recover the HPG flight model.

Note that we are only just beginning.... we don't have a somewhat polished profile like the R44, and you cannot use the R44 profile due to the substantially higher weight of H145.

This is really amazing news and it again shows the community is absolutely amazing and that great things come true if we all work together, as a whole.

To HPG and Fred Naar: thank you, guys.

Update: Hype Performance Group confirmed, via Twitter, that the H135 will also get the same treatment!