The model quickly became one of the community’s favorites and the team has been busy improving it.

The latest version, 5.0.1, comes with a lot of new features as well as some bug fixes.

You can download the latest version at the website.


  • many optional objects by HRSIMYARD
  • Configuration changes can be saved (Suggestion A000000044).
  • Additional person (patient) in the crew menu and as 3D model.
  • Dialog boxes and converted into X-Plane 11 style supporting VR.
  • Menu for sling operations and selection of hoist and hook.
  • Added objects for sling operations.
  • New 3D search light Spectrolab/SX16 by HRSimYard.
  • New 3D Hoist by HRSimYard
  • New 3D Hook by HRSimYard
  • Extendable Landing light full movable.
  • Battery can be switched or toggled by X-Plane's default commands.
  • Protection against slipping when the parking brake is accidentally released.
  • Added 3d FLIR by HRSimYard.
  • Additional semi analog cockpit.
  • Many different 3d snow skids by HRSimYard.
  • Bubble window for pilot's door configurable.
  • Many new liveries.

Bug fixes

  • More tail-heavy flight attitude by changing the standard center of gravity (A000000047).
  • Several minor bug fixes: i.a. A000000043, A000000046.