Hype Performance Group H145 for MSFS

With this platform, you can join other players and move cargo around, fight fires and conduct HEMS rescue operations.

HPG says there’s no setup nor firewall changes required and the team is planning on having more activities in the future, including search and rescue.

You can join the multiplayer rooms through the H145 tablet by going to Missions > Library > HPG Multiplayer.

Right now there are 3 multiplayer rooms:

  • Room 1
    • Activity: Sling Cargo transfer
    • Activity Title: Pic du Midi Observatory
    • Location: France, Start at LFBT or directly at the POI
    • Goal: Transfer 22 cargo packages from the staging location (identified on the map) to the Observatory (identified on the map).
  • Room 2
    • Activity: HEMS Multi-Casualty event
    • Activity Title: Train Crash Boston
    • Location: USA, Start at KBOS or nearby Boston area
    • Goal: Transfer many injured (after train hits school bus) from the staging location (flare) to any nearby hospitals with availability.
  • Room 3
    • Activity: Firefighting
    • Activity Title: Bel-Air Fire
    • Location: USA, Start at KHHR or nearby Los Angeles area
    • Goal: Extinguish the fires that are threatening nearby structures. Two temporary water sources have been established, and there is a large lake nearby.

If you don’t have the HPG H145 for Microsoft Flight Simulator with the Action Pack, you can get it here.