If you are not part of our Facebook group, you probably haven’t seen Ryan’s videos yet, but they are very, very nice.

So nice that the first time he posted, I was watching it on the phone, and I thought it was a real video. The camera movement, the angles, and the post-production he added to it were absolutely fantastic.

Ryan has been wowing us with his work for some time and folks have been asking him how he records them inside the sim. And he did just that.

In a short (less than 6 minutes), Ryan goes through how he sets up the cameras, how he performs the camera movements, how he saves the flights, and how he then records the actual footage. It’s a lot of important information condensed in less than 300 seconds, but it is enough for anyone to start experimenting and create their own clips.

You can watch Ryan’s video here at the top of the page or on YouTube.