Hill HX50

Hill Helicopters is set on creating the path for a new generation of helicopters with their first model, the HX50, which is quite a revolution in many ways.

The HX50 is being developed entirely from scratch – every component of it, including the engine – and it has been a process that Hill Helicopters has been documenting as they go, and making a lot of information available.

A few months ago, I was contacted by members of the team as they were interested in bringing the helicopter to a sim. After an initial conversation, they seemed more excited about the idea than when they reached out to me. Yesterday, they announced it publicly: the HX50 is being developed for X-Plane and there are plans to bring it to Microsoft Flight Simulator as well.

This is an in-house project since there are members of the company that have the skill set to bring it to life, especially in X-Plane.

The company didn’t indicate any timeframes or dates of release but they have said the X-Plane version would be out “soon”. How soon, we don’t know.

If you’ve been eyeing the HX50 and are considering buying one, perhaps you’ll get a chance to get more familiar with it and its systems way before the real one is made available!