HeliSimmer Advent Season - Krabi Outback Chapter 1

'Tis the season to be jolly. In a rotor-wing, tropical kinda way, with the release of the Chapter 1 of the HeliSimmer Advent Season!

HeliSimmer Advent Season - Krabi Outback Chapter 1

With the release of Krabi Outback, Stefan Schroeder (Monoblau) decided to make it even more fun.

Here's his take on this release for the season:

To turn this release into an Christmas adventure i prepared the project by separate 4 Chapters that will be released one after the other every Advent Sunday until Christmas. The first Release will have the complete Scenery but only one Identifyer Airport with ICAO Code.

Feel free to explore the Area to find the Points of Interest.

Or wait until the next release where more places will be named and an update will provide ICAO for the other airfields inside the Jungle. Please read the manual inside the scenery folder for more information and a detailed roadmap for the releases.

Win your own Point of Interest in the last Update.

If you'd like to have your own Point of Interest in the final version, I have made an overlay button which you can put on your screenshot with the help of any graphic editor, before posting it on other sites.

Post the screenshot with the overlay tag using the hashtag #krabioutback. We will select the 3 best screenshots and one of them will win a POI inside the project with a unique name, building, theme and helipad.

The winner can choose any business, institution and name to be added to the scenery.

Download the Krabi Outback scenery by Monoblau

Grab it here!

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