The last couple of years have been tough on all of us, but, fortunately, our hobby has been strong. Probably stronger than ever. And I know that has been helping a lot of you.

I know it helped me.

We hit half a decade of existence last year and now we are commemorating our 6th anniversary already. Where did the last 12 months go???

Microsoft Flight Simulator came out (we’re still waiting for helicopters to be officially released in Q4, this year), X-Plane 12 is around the corner (with a new R22 as a default helicopter), IPACS seems to be working on a new version of the sim, the Apache is coming to DCS and FGUK keeps popping out helicopters and updates for FlightGear.

Yes, helicopters are growing stronger. And so is our community.

During these last 6 years, our Facebook Group reached 9,250 members. Over 3,300 persons follow us on Twitter. 5,700+ do the same but on Facebook. Our Discord Server now has 560 members and 530 or so members are part of our forums. Our YouTube Channel grew to nearly 4,150 subscribers.

Over 1,230 articles were written.

Numbers are just numbers, and they can be meaningless. But these numbers, our numbers are not meaningless. Each one of those persons contacted in one way or another. They have read an article, watched a video, asked a question, helped a fellow community member, enjoyed some news or insights, got help as they were deciding on what product to buy.

Each and every single one of those persons in those numbers got at least a little something from From the community that lies around it. From our community.

This is not’s anniversary. It’s our community’s anniversary. And you’re part of it.

To you, all of you, to those that help me by writing articles for our readers, lend me your advice, ideas, and thoughts, participate in our platforms (the many platforms we cover as you can see above), or just consume the content we produce: thank you.

I cannot think of any other word or statement, truer and more honest, coming from my soul that could ever replace that simple expression. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Here’s to another year. Another step. With all of you.