HeliRescue P3D getting ready for release

Feb 07, 2019 | by Sérgio Costa

HR Sim Yard is getting ready to release their first scenery for Prepar3D. HeliRescue P3D is bringing Austrian rescue bases to this sim.

HeliRescue P3D

The goal of the team is to bring all the Austrian bases to live in an effort that has been ongoing for several months already.

Here's the team's description of their job so far:

After a very long quiet phase and an even longer development phase over the last few years, i finally present the first rescue base of the “HeliRescue P3D” scenery package for PrePar3D V4.4. The heliport of the rescue helicopter “RK-1” in carinthia is the first one to arrive. I have also included one of the most important compulsory reporting point for VFR in carinthia, the 160m high radio antenna on the mountain dobratsch near villach.

In the next few weeks and month i will release all available bases which are listed under project state. All of them have a custom terrain mesh, dynamic lightung, light maps and high quality textures. Most of them are rebuild using the original building plans of the rescue bases. With that said… have fun and enjoy the freeware. If you find any bugs please report them via the menu point contact.

For more information, visit HeliRescue's official website (now with a work-in-progress English version as well).

EDIT: you can now download the first base.

HeliRescue P3D

Sérgio Costa

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