Microsoft Flight Simulator Feedback Snapshot - January 2020

For those that are part of the insider program the image above is not exactly new. It's been out there for a few weeks and I was eager that it turned public so that I could say something about it. You can find it at the official Microsoft Flight Simulator website.

This is a resume of the top feedback/suggestions provided by the community and, as you can see, it's split in three columns: top questions, top issues and top wish list.

On the top wish list we will find the usual stuff we see everyday on the several groups out there: AI traffic, ATC, Seasons, Shared Cockpit funcionatlity and, obviously VR.

What really puts a smile on my face, though, is the fact that helicopters made it to the short list. That's right! The community is asking Microsoft about helicopters in such numbers that it made it to this short list, which I presume is just a small sample of a much, much longer list.

Microsoft already said they WILL work on helicopters after the initial release, as you can read on the article I wrote about the Global Preview Event. I am eagerly, yet patiently waiting for Microsoft's contact about it as they promised to get and the community involved.

So I sit here, twiddling my thumbs in expectation.

Not really. I have stuff to do. Like work to put food on the table. But you know what I mean.

From everything I saw, the new Microsoft Flight Simulator (which was baptized by the community as "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020") needs helicopters. That's too much of a great looking scenery and nasty weather dynamics NOT to have helicopters in it.

I'm still twiddling my thumbs, Microsoft. Patiently!!!