Helicopter Turbulence for ARMA 3

Most helicopters in ARMA 3 are not very complete as they lack in-depth systems but the flight model, despite being quite decent, is not perfect. Helicopter Turbulence comes to the rescue.

Helicopter Turbulence for ARMA 3

And it sure makes everything more exciting.

Helicopter Turbulence was developed by a fellow helicopter lover that seems to spend most of his flying time in ARMA 3. Being a dedicated rotorhead, Seb has decided to do something to improve helicopters in the game.

What Helicopter Turbulence does is, theoretically, simple. And I’ll let Seb describe it. Which means: I’ll just copy part of the description of the Steam page:

This mod adds slight turbulence to a helicopter based on both the mass and the surface area of the helicopter. Your helicopter will naturally bob, weave and change direction slightly due to the natural chaos of the atmosphere. If it's raining or is windy, this effect will become more severe.

In the worst weather, in the lightest helicopters, they actually can become difficult to fly. Littlebirds and Pawnees in a storm get tossed about like a leaf on the wind.

This should influence the helicopter you choose to take, and how you choose to fly.

The features list is quite impressive, and I was quite impressed with it when I read it:

  • Adds random atmospheric turbulence forces to all helicopters.
  • Works with any modded helicopter, RHS, CUP etc compatible!
  • Includes serverkey
  • Scales based on weather (overcast and windspeed both generate more severe turbulence)
  • Larger, heavier aircraft are less impacted due to their mass, however as they have a larger surface area the forces are also greater. This means each aircraft handles turbulence slightly different as the surface area/mass ratio is different.
  • Client-side calculations, so the server will not slow down due to this in multiplayer.
  • Only does calculations if the player is the pilot, so will not impact performance unless you are flying. Even then it should be minimal.
  • Does not affect Rotorlib Advanced Flight Model.
  • Doesn't affect AI pilots (they really need the help)
  • CBA settings integration for various aspects of the mod.
  • Optional setting to enable for planes

Seb definitely paid attention to detail and also kept performance in mind. There are a few issues, though, that he clearly identifies:

  • Does nothing for ZEUS remote controlled helicopters
  • Does nothing for drones.
  • All above aircraft still work normally, just without turbulence.

Helicopter Turbulence works as announced, without any issues for me, at least so far. Since it works through Steam Workshop, it’s fast and easy to install and it will definitely improve your experience with helicopters in ARMA 3.

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Sérgio Costa

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