Karl Høybye is an 18 year old simmer from Denmark that goes by the nick HappyCamper and whose channel was suggested by my good friend, Bel Geode.

Considering the advice was coming from someone that knows a thing or two about sims and making videos, I had to give it a shot.

HappyCamper's channel has over 30 videos dedicated to helicopter flight simulation in a very entertaining and highly informative format. The videos are simple, to the point and HappyCamper is obviously very passionate about helicopters and certainly knows what he's doing.

Head out to HappyCamper's YouTube channel, watch some great videos and make sure you subscribe it. This is just one of those resources every virtual rotorhead should know about and keep an eye on.

Make sure to leave a comment on his videos if you like them and tell us (on our comments section below) what you think about it.