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On January 16th, 2016 I pulled the trigger and opened HeliSimmer.com to the world. The first version was created using WordPress to reduce the amount of time necessary to open its virtual doors to the world.

The thought of doing a helicopter flight simulation project had been inside my head since 2010. It took me a bit over 5 years to roll up my sleeves and get things going. And I am so glad I did.

Nowadays, HeliSimmer.com is a well-established (and dare I say respected) project in the flight simulation hobby and community. We have been working with developers, manufacturers and the users.

HeliSimmer.com liveryHeliSimmer.com livery

We have facilitated partnerships, helped developers with their products and, above everything, raised awareness to our hobby and got companies to both acknowledge us and some of them to actually develop products more adapted to our way of simming.

You probably don’t see most of the work I see, which goes well beyond writing news or articles. Articles, news and videos are just a small portion of what I have set myself to do with this project and it’s, perhaps, even the most important part of it since it is helping the community grow and new and exciting products to come to the market.

I owe it all to you, our readers, community members and friends – so, so many friends that I have been making along the way.

I feel it’s not enough, but I don’t know how to put it differently or make it more epic, which is how this journey has been feeling. So, I will just say this to all of you: thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

HeliSimmer.com livery

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When we commemorated the first anniversary, someone told me it was quite a milestone since most new projects don’t last past the first six months. Here we are 60 months after HeliSimmer.com went live. Half a decade.

Let’s go for the full decade.