HeliSimmer.com's 3rd anniversary cake

When I first started this project, I wanted it to become a hub where people that loved flight simulation – and helicopter flight simulation and particular could come together and learn with each other.

While the website has mainly served the purpose of a news outlet, we have tried to help simmers get into helicopter flight simulation and, more recently, we started a new series where we hope to inspire people to become helicopter pilots in real life.

Our social media has been growing and our Facebook group  has reached the insane (for me, at least) number of 5,000 members. That’s five thousand folks interested in helicopter flight simulation! Considering now much of a niche helicopters are in the community, this is actually a very nice number that, personally, I never thought we’d reach.

But I think there’s a reason for that.

I think (and hope) HeliSimmer.com has contributed to it somehow. Be it by spreading the news about helicopter flight simulation, nurturing a solid community or just some plain old #professionalnagging (thanks to Bel Geode for the cool hashtag), it seems that we, as a community, have sparked the interest and curiosity of other simmers and even of companies.

Nowadays, it seems people are more aware of helicopters and more prone to develop while having helicopter pilots in mind. That eventually expands the community, bringing new people and products.

Helicopter flight simulation seems to be expanding and improving. And that’s amazing news.

What next?

We have some plans for this year and a couple of things we want to do are quite bold in terms of time investment on our end.

We are not ready to talk about them yet, as they require a lot of planning and work from several persons from the community (and real life commitments have a way of spoiling important things such as flight simulation-related stuff) but we’re very excited about them and we hope to be able to have some more news soon.

Until then, all we want is to continue serving our community. The last 3 years have gone by REALLY quickly.

Happy anniversary, everyone! This is not only HeliSimmer.com’s anniversary. It’s yours as well!

See you all out there! Fly safe!

Note: I'd like to thank Propstrike Studio for the amazing prop cake used in the image above. Thank you guys!