The list of changes spans through some cosmetic, sound and even flight dynamics changes as you can see:

  • new beacon effect
  • no blending Tail NAV Light anymore
  • strobes are out
  • brighter landing light
  • remixed Startup sound
  • remixed 25 sec. Shutdown sound
  • turbine exhaust effect
  • turbine fire effect
  • turbine heat effect
  • modified flying dynamics

While quite a nice promising list, that seems to improve/increase realism on this old friend of a lot of rotorheads out there, the flight dynamics update sound a bit disappointed. If you check out the video at minute 8:13, the author of this changes indicates that he has "found an incredible trick to make the Huey, even with a low budget flightstick easy flyable like heaven again".

During his narration you can see a hover turn being made in which the helicopter is very stable, with no side motion (or any other kind of motion).

So, this update may not be for everyone out there. If you are looking for a realism update for the Aerosoft Huey for FSX and P3D, it seems that this is not it. But you can still get all the other modifications and updates without losing good flight dynamics (or even improving them). Just give HTR a try and see if that works for you.

FSX/P3D Huey UH-1 Reloaded 2018 video