HeliAlpes for X-Plane

As it usually is. Passion is what moves a lot of teams and projects inside our hobby and this project is not any different.

From the minds and craftmanship of Poopy, Pilote Virtuel, Auxence Cappe, Azragod and many others, HeliAlpes promises to deliver quite a quantity of helipads and other landing areas for helicopters – around 40 of them. The area, which covers a portion of the French West Alps, also includes rescue and slingloading scenarios.

HeliAlpes for X-Plane

To be able to do so, the team had to patch Ortho4XP tiles in order to flatten some of the areas. This means the scenery will only work if you use Ortho4XP.

All the objects included were developed by the team, which, again, shows great passion and dedication from the community.

HeliAlpes for X-Plane

The scenery is planned to be released on February 9th. The scenery is now out. Check the link below.

Here’s a list of the helipads/landing areas.

HeliAlpes 1

  • LFHU - Altiport Alpes d'Huez
  • DZOZ - DZ Centrale EDF d'Oz
  • DZLG - DZ La Grave
  • DZLC - DZ Lac du Chambon
  • LDA1 - Heliport des Deux Alpes
  • LDA2 - Heliport des Banchets
  • LDA3 - Helistation des Deux Alpes
  • DZV1 - DZ Val Thorens
  • DZV2 - Heliport de Val Thorens
  • DZBB - Bourg-Sant-Maurice (Blugeon helicoptere)
  • DZLA - Helisation des Arcs (Mont Blanc Helicoptere)
  • DZLP - DZ de la Plagne
  • DZLP - Helistion de Tignes les Boisses (SAF Helicoptere)
  • DZLD - Heliport de Tigne la Daille
  • DZCV - DZ Champagny en Vanoise
  • DZPM - Helisation priver en Maurienne
  • HHDF - Helisation Maurienne (Helicoptere de France)
  • DZPG - Heliport PGHM Modane (Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne)
  • HEDF - Plateforeme EDF
  • DZEH - DZ EDF lac d'Hermillon
  • DZRT - DZ du restaurant Les Trappeurs col de Tamié
  • DZLCP- DZ de Longchamp
  • DZPV - DZ de Pralognan La Vanoise


  • DZS1 - secours lac des Quirlies
  • DZS2 - secours La Grave
  • DES3 - secours Les Deux Alpes

HeliAlpes 2

  • CHUG - Hopital CHU Grenoble
  • DZCR - DZ de Chamrousse
  • DZVH - DZ antenne moucherotte
  • DZLV - DZ de la Sierre
  • DZDC - DZ de levage à Châtelard
  • DZRP - DZ refuge de la Pra
  • DZRH - DE refuge de Hurtière


  • SCRS - secours Vallon de la Sure

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