The author of the conversion, Alex Delgado, updated and released this old timer with the permission of the original author and it’s working in X-Plane 11.50 both in OpenGL and Vulkan.

Please note that this is a very old model and it clearly shows. The model and the textures are not something you can compare to new creations and even the systems are not working very well -- we can't do a cold and dark, start, for example.

Still, it could be a nice, fun helicopter for those that love these old machines.

Here is the official list of features:

  • animated 3D object and cockpit (with parts from the model by Mandun at
  • modified animated pilot from the 'pilot collection' at
  • custom sounds
  • basic paintkit
  • opening side door with flaps
  • opening cockpit windows with speedbrakes
  • opening engine canopy with vector thrust (you'll have to assign it to your joystick or keyboard / no handle in the cockpit)

Freeware S-58/H-34 converted to X-Plane 11Freeware S-58/H-34 converted to X-Plane 11